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We are a young product development company based in Germany.


We try to find solutions to everyday problems as well as more specific ones. We aim to bring innovative ideas to the market and to keep the value chain sustainable and socially acceptable. Our goal is to always find the simplest solution to any challenge. We won't waste any time or money on over-engineering.


We have recently developed PangoPak to provide you with eCommerce packaging that makes filling materials superfluous. Additionally, we made sure that PangoPak is entirely made of sustainable cardboard and gets by without any plastic.


If you are interested in collaborating with us or in case you would like to hear more about our work, please do get in touch - via email at or the contact form below. Please make sure to fill in the boxes marked with an asterisk.



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Our newly developed e-commerce packaging PangoPak includes an element to fixate items and hold them in place, making filling materials superfluous. Apart from resources, this saves warehouse space and waste disposal costs.





Der Tilt wurde entwickelt, um kleine Neigungen zu messen, die für den Wasserabfluss unabdingbar sind.



Our innovative clinometer was invented to measure small gradients that ensure water run-off on seemingly flat surfaces such as terraces or flat roofs. It further acts as a substitute for conventional spirit levels.





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