A sustainable eCommerce packaging solution

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  • Holds items in place regardless of shape or form
  • Saves filling material
  • Saves warehouse space and disposal costs
  • Easy to use
  • Plastic free




Even before the pandemic, it was already impossible to imagine our lives without mail order. Now, E-Commerce has become ubiquitous. Unfortunately, the contents of the packages often consist largely of filling material that fills the unused space of the carton. This not only annoys customers who have to dispose of the material, but also comes at the expense of sustainability. On the flip side, shipping companies incur costs when they have to pad packages with air pillows or packing chips.


PangoPak has a device for securing goods that eliminates the need for filling materials. This makes shipping goods more sustainable, cost-effective and conserves valuable resources. While the customer benefits from not having to dispose of the excess packing material, the mail order company saves money and storage costs for unnecessary filling material.


PangoPak  contains a mechanism to hold items in its place that is very quick and easy to handle. A cardboard strip is placed over the shipping items in the carton and the securing tab is fed through a slot to the outside and taped. PangoPak can then be closed and shipped as usual. The outer dimensions of the carton remain the same, making it stackable and easy to ship.



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