Professional Use

As a handy and durable clinometer, the Tilt is specially developed for terraces, patios, balconies, and flat roofs of any kind. 

To ensure water runoff, surfaces should have a gradient of ca. 2% to 3%.

As the ideal incline is dependent on the surface structure, the Tilt measures quantitatively rather than qualitatively (like traditional levels).

While 2% will be sufficient for smooth surfaces, you can measure up to 3.5% to ensure drainage of rough surfaces.

Household Use

The areas of application in the household are numerous. Be it the installation of shower basins or the adjustment of drainboards, our clinometer is the right tool for you. Whether you would like to ensure that pictures are straight or check if your shelves are level, the Tilt is a reliable substitute for levels.


Owing to his innovative design, our clinometer is well-suited for use as a promotional gimmick. It is sure to draw the attention of potential customers. 


We offer the following:

  • Laser engraved company logo
  • Custom colour on request
  • Development and fabrication in Germany

Please email vertrieb@tilt-industries.eu for requests, comments, or questions. We are looking forward to hearing from you!