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Our Idea


Hydroponic systems technically make it possible to grow plants without the use of substrates. 

So why do we still use them?

With the Hydrostarter we have developed a cultivation system that enables you to produce bare-root seedlings without any substrate.



No soil, no substrate. To grow plants in the Hydrostarter, only water and light are needed.

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Without the need for artificial or natural substrates, the Hydrostarter grows bare-root seedlings which are perfectly suited for further hydroponic cultivation


Only the pure plant is harvested - without any rooted substrate. Hydrostarter and plant can be separated very easily and the device is reusable.

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Our Motivation 


Aquaponic and hydroponic cultivation are concepts for sustainable food production based on the idea of a circular economy. The resource savings are already impressive. However, substrates are still used to grow plants from seeds and in some cases this involves enormous environmental pollution (e.g. peat, rock wool). For this reason, we have developed the Hydrostarter, a hydroponic cultivation system that makes it possible to produce bare-root seedlings without any detours.


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So simple

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So compatible


When the seedlings are large enough, they can be transplanted into another medium, or transferred into a hydroponic system together with the Hydrostarter.


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circular economy sustainable sustainability



Unlike substrate, the Hydrostarter can be reused. 

Aquaponics and hydroponics become part of the circular economy.

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The reservoir is large enough to provide the young plants with water for days and even weeks.

Handling substrate is completely eliminated.

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The Hydrostarter can be used to grow various plants (e.g. lettuce, basil, pak choi).

The bare-root seedlings are suitable for any hydroponic system.

for private use

hydponics, aquaponics, germination, cultivation, substrate, zero waste, circular economy, sinterra, sustainability







for commercial use

hydponics, aquaponics, germination, cultivation, substrate, zero waste, circular economy, sinterra, sustainability

Hydrostarter Hydroponics Aquaponics Substrate mineral wool zero waste circular economy without substrate alternative

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